Monday, July 21, 2014

Mad City Bazaar

Thanks to all who came to the Mad City Bazaar this Sunday.  Seeing so many giddy faces as they spotted their finds truly made me smile.  That is what I love about treasure hunting myself.  That thrill of the hunt. 

So just as you all had that " I need that" thought it your head...just know I had the same thought when I found it.

I'll be sprinkling in items back in the Etsy shop and maybe a few new.  I have to say.  Doing yesterday's show definitely made we want to get back into the thank you. Anything you had your eye on or something you need help searching for, email me...I love a good challenge.

Enjoy & see you all soon.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The punch list

Ever have so many things you want to do, the list becomes so long it feels smothering? I hit that mark this Spring.  So many great ideas but just no follow thru. A creative brick wall of sorts and if you are like me when you hit that wall you just stop.  Natural I am sure, but I was ready to break that wall and more importantly let all those ideas come to fruition. 

Lucky for me, a dear friend recently opened a shop in town and with all these projects waiting for homes...the timing could not have been more perfect.  So I made my piles of things to donate, toss or create.  The 'create' pile got pretty large, but excited to say I finished with a lot less stuff, a big sense of accomplishment & some pretty fun, upcycled goods.

So here is what I have doing the last few weeks.  Starting with a huge assortment of old frames and lots of interesting things to fill them with.  Puzzles, mirrors, maps, old music sheets...and some were just so cool...just adding color was enough.





I found these old Hamm's placemats and lacquered it into an old tray.  "from the land of sky blue water.."

A darling orange, elephant planter

and his blue, duck friend

A retro giant fork & spoon 


And finally, the Ingrid chair. A perfectly paired linen seat with a glossy royal blue .


You can find all of these..along with many other unique things at the Regal Find.  Located in charming downtown Middleton, right around the corner from Bloom bake shop.  It is lovely space that is worth exploring and the neatest shop owner.

Ahhhh, feels good to cross so many things off my list. Having little more creative breathing room doesn't hurt either.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wood 3 Ways

Well, I am finally finished with my salvage art piece for the Habitat for Humanity Restore Show.  To catch you up to speed.... each year this fantastic organization gives local artists $15 to spend at their stores and asks them to create recycled works of art with 100% of the sales going back to Habitat.

If you have never checked out a ReStore, you must.  Always something to inspire and so many functional and vintage items that you are saving from a landfill.

This is what I picked up first.  A stack of pressed wood floor tiles.

After further inspection I discovered they were individual tiles 'grouted' with a rubber caulk, so I separated them and started placing them into new shapes.

My first thought was paint, but then I saw my large stack of National Geographic magazines.

Flipping thru the pages, the plethora of breathtaking nature shots gave me an idea. Creating a landscape of terrains, elements and colors with the individual tiles. 

Although I have loads of old scrap wood and cabinet doors, they just did not look right.  So back to the ReStore and then I found it...right behind the shop.  Pallet board.  My location has a free pile in the back of the store for damaged ones.  Although no longer suitable for their intended purpose, they are great salvaged boards to work with.

Taking apart the boards apart was a tad more challenging then I thought, but with some help from my handy Nate & some power tools, I was able to find 3 good pieces that had lots of character.  Patina'd wood and rusty nails.

Using twine guidelines the assembly could begin. 

Construction adhesive provided a sturdy, clean and quick drying glue.

The layout itself took some time. Deciding the order, spacing and color flow. I like to marinate on things like this. Put them together, stare at it for a bit, shift a few tiles and then revisiting a day or two later.  I liked the idea of recreating layers of the earth in an upward flow and settled on a design.

Starting with rocks, shale & lava

moving into wetlands, moss and the seas

and topping off with glaciers, clouds and stars.

The evolving look at our world's climate and landscape.  The title...well, I am a big fan of Top Chef and cooking competitions in general.  All the rage is preparing a single ingredient in various methods, so instead of Salmon: 3 Ways, I give you "Wood 3 Ways".
  1)The pressed wood tiles
2) the raw pallet wood
3) & magazine paper, which is made of course from wood pulp.

2 scrap pieces of wood on the back holds the 3 planks together, and also gave me a great spot to attach the hanger.

There are 3 Madison locations where the works will be displayed.  "Wood 3 Ways" will be at Hatch Art House with an opening reception on Friday May 3rd. 

Such a fun contrast of old and new and ironically reminds me of a board I created on Pinterest  "Nature's Inspiration" . I must have been thinking of this idea all along.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coast to Coast

It has been far, far too long since I shared a 'before & after' project so I will get right to it.  Enter the 'before', a very dated tiled plant stand. 

 and the 'after', my tribute to the coasts of Wisconsin, covered in a blue that rivals Lake Superior.

 Martha Stewart's Moroccan Teal provided the hue. It is turquoise, but softer. The knicked wood, instantly added some charm once coated in the paint and scuffed a bit.

To mask the country kitchen tile, a recycled state map.

From Bayfield,

to Green Bay, those frumpy flowers were instantly gone.

It turned out to be such a charming little piece, & with a thick layer of poly on the top...functional.  Although, it would be a shame to cover up these great images.

It is headed over to Hatch Art House this weekend to find a new home with a fellow lover of the shores.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Off to the fair

This weekend was the opening of the Elkorn Flea Market and I although my stock pile is still quite full, I could not resist the creative inspiration.  So instead of the truck load full of finds, it was nice to peruse the vendors and pick up only the things that made my heart smile. 

 First up, this metal Ferris wheel toy. My eyes lit up when I saw it on a back table. I love old carnival themed things. A bit dusty & rusty, but with darling illustrations and colors.  This one needs a lot of TLC, but it was a 1/3 of what I thought it would be priced at, and if I can restore it a bit, it will be a real winner.

Although Mr. Duck has lost his wheels and is a little weak in the neck, their sweet faces and rich colored wood parts were worth saving.  A few adjustment and this vintage Fisher Price pull toy will be the cutest decor piece for a nursery or play room.

And...holy jack pot. I have not seen a collection of old National Geographic maps like this since the first time I discovered them. I took home 15 and I barely made a dent in the basketful. Tammy at Hatch Art House will be very excited.  I have been promising her more map chairs for months now.

Hope your weekend was just a treasure filled in what ever way you spent it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don Draper & the Tartan bag

About 10 minutes into watching this Sunday's Mad Men Episode 7, my heart skipped a beat.  When Megan (Don's wife) invites her parents to visit for the weekend, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) walks into the apartment carrying this fabulous, plaid garment bag.  Are you serious? Is that my bag? Sure, I had envisioned this scene in my head when I sold it to a stylist for the AMC blockbuster, but to see it actually in a scene.  Silly, I know, but fun to think they thought it was as perfect as I did when I found it.  

I must have rewound it 6 husband is so patient.  Although no way to be 100%, it sure does look like it, right?

 The bag was in mint condition, bright red with a yellow stripe running thru it.
Regardless, in my mind, it is it, and I am leaving it at that.
I mean, Don Draper as your product model....does it get any better? 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Be bold !

This Saturday, myself and I a handful of other local artists will be part of Absolutely Art's,  'pop-up' gallery at the ISTHMUS Green Day fair. What a perfect time to debut the Spring line of the slide carousel mirrors.  Also available in my Etsy shop
You know, I rarely like doing the same thing twice, but the first round of these got such a good response, I thought why not.  But to make it a little different, a fun array of colors.
So, a dozen or so of these
along with with more rackets

and I am sure a few more of my tacky paintings turned tackier art .

The Green Fair is FREE this year (thanks to MG & E) and along with lots of green vendors, a vintage fashion show & the recycled art gallery, NY Times columnist and author Mark Bittman will be the keynote speaker.  Hope to see you there.