Monday, May 21, 2012

Off to the fair

This weekend was the opening of the Elkorn Flea Market and I although my stock pile is still quite full, I could not resist the creative inspiration.  So instead of the truck load full of finds, it was nice to peruse the vendors and pick up only the things that made my heart smile. 

 First up, this metal Ferris wheel toy. My eyes lit up when I saw it on a back table. I love old carnival themed things. A bit dusty & rusty, but with darling illustrations and colors.  This one needs a lot of TLC, but it was a 1/3 of what I thought it would be priced at, and if I can restore it a bit, it will be a real winner.

Although Mr. Duck has lost his wheels and is a little weak in the neck, their sweet faces and rich colored wood parts were worth saving.  A few adjustment and this vintage Fisher Price pull toy will be the cutest decor piece for a nursery or play room.

And...holy jack pot. I have not seen a collection of old National Geographic maps like this since the first time I discovered them. I took home 15 and I barely made a dent in the basketful. Tammy at Hatch Art House will be very excited.  I have been promising her more map chairs for months now.

Hope your weekend was just a treasure filled in what ever way you spent it.


Inorganic Salvation said...

Hi there, just wanted to say your stuff is awesome and you have been a huge inspiration to me (all the way in little old New Zealand).

Love checking your blog and you inspired me to finally get one started.

Thanks! Nicky

Moretruth Lesslies said...
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Moretruth Lesslies said...

Was wondering what you think the Ferris wheel is worth? I just bought one at a garage sale.