Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wood 3 Ways

Well, I am finally finished with my salvage art piece for the Habitat for Humanity Restore Show.  To catch you up to speed.... each year this fantastic organization gives local artists $15 to spend at their stores and asks them to create recycled works of art with 100% of the sales going back to Habitat.

If you have never checked out a ReStore, you must.  Always something to inspire and so many functional and vintage items that you are saving from a landfill.

This is what I picked up first.  A stack of pressed wood floor tiles.

After further inspection I discovered they were individual tiles 'grouted' with a rubber caulk, so I separated them and started placing them into new shapes.

My first thought was paint, but then I saw my large stack of National Geographic magazines.

Flipping thru the pages, the plethora of breathtaking nature shots gave me an idea. Creating a landscape of terrains, elements and colors with the individual tiles. 

Although I have loads of old scrap wood and cabinet doors, they just did not look right.  So back to the ReStore and then I found it...right behind the shop.  Pallet board.  My location has a free pile in the back of the store for damaged ones.  Although no longer suitable for their intended purpose, they are great salvaged boards to work with.

Taking apart the boards apart was a tad more challenging then I thought, but with some help from my handy Nate & some power tools, I was able to find 3 good pieces that had lots of character.  Patina'd wood and rusty nails.

Using twine guidelines the assembly could begin. 

Construction adhesive provided a sturdy, clean and quick drying glue.

The layout itself took some time. Deciding the order, spacing and color flow. I like to marinate on things like this. Put them together, stare at it for a bit, shift a few tiles and then revisiting a day or two later.  I liked the idea of recreating layers of the earth in an upward flow and settled on a design.

Starting with rocks, shale & lava

moving into wetlands, moss and the seas

and topping off with glaciers, clouds and stars.

The evolving look at our world's climate and landscape.  The title...well, I am a big fan of Top Chef and cooking competitions in general.  All the rage is preparing a single ingredient in various methods, so instead of Salmon: 3 Ways, I give you "Wood 3 Ways".
  1)The pressed wood tiles
2) the raw pallet wood
3) & magazine paper, which is made of course from wood pulp.

2 scrap pieces of wood on the back holds the 3 planks together, and also gave me a great spot to attach the hanger.

There are 3 Madison locations where the works will be displayed.  "Wood 3 Ways" will be at Hatch Art House with an opening reception on Friday May 3rd. 

Such a fun contrast of old and new and ironically reminds me of a board I created on Pinterest  "Nature's Inspiration" . I must have been thinking of this idea all along.


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Heidi said...

Love this. Love the art. Love the post. Love that you got all the stuff at ReStore. Love that you named it Wood 3 Ways!